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The Departments


Royal Gardens Hospital Outpatient Clinic offers complete Obstetrical and Gynaecological services for women. Whether it's your first annual exam, your first child or your first signs of menopause, we want your initial visit to Royal Gardens Hospital a memorable experience. That's why we take special care to give you first-class treatment, every time.

From babies to bladder issues, mood swings to menopause, the topics you discuss with us are decidedly delicate. In fact, next to your partner or a very close friend, there is no more intimate relationship than the one you share with your Obstetrician/Gynaecologist. We value that candor and know that the bonds we build take time. Just trust that if it's on your mind, you can share it with us. 

Prenatal Clinic Program

Royal Gardens Hospital antenatal Clinic offers comprehensive maternity care within an outpatient setting. This fully integrated, full-functioning antenatal clinic offers “total” obstetrics care to expectant mothers. Obstetrician/Gynaecologists and the clinic care team offer thorough clinical evaluations, with complete Obstetrical and Gynaecological services including but not limited to;

- Pre-pregnancy counselling: medical, dietary and social service counselling
- Pregnancy testing
- Prenatal Care: initial evaluation, high-risk screening, routine and high-risk prenatal care, counselling, education, and postpartum follow-up care
- Referral services including genetic counselling and foetal diagnostic services


Infertility examination, diagnostics and treatment are available at the clinic or by referral. Referrals can also be made for procedures such as infertility surgery or in-vitro fertilization.

Family Planning

At this establishment we have tried to dispel the myths and misfortunes about contraceptives.
The point is the Family planning (FP) is modern pharmaceutical supplies approved by all authorities-FDA, America obstetrical society WHO and our pharmacy and poisons board.
These methods are continuously evaluated and modified like all other pharmaceuticals. They have been used in the world over for years
All sexually active ladies irrespective of age who don’t desire to get pregnant will pretty much need one method or another.

Gynaecological Services
  • - Routine annual gynaecologic exams including pelvic, breast and pap smears.
  • - Screening and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases.
  • - Treatment for abnormal pap smears.
  • - Evaluation for and scheduling of major and minor gynaecologic surgeries.
Diagnostic laparoscopy

Diagnostic laparoscopy is a procedure that allows a health care provider to look directly at the contents of a patient's abdomen or pelvis, including the fallopian tubes, ovaries, uterus, small bowel, large bowel, appendix, liver, and gallbladder.

Diabetes & Pregnancy Education

A diabetes and gestational diabetes education program that follows the Sweet Success model of care developed by the California Diabetes and Pregnancy Program is an important part of the treatment and care offered by the Obstetrics/Gynaecology Clinic.
Diabetes in pregnancy education, risk control counselling, insulin teaching, blood sugar education, insulin and diet monitoring, diabetic/nutrition counselling and the use of blood sugar meters are all incorporated for high-risk patients. This extensive preventative and educational information results in positive outcomes for high-risk mothers and their babies.
We offer pharmaceutical services to help control diabetes, which is not found in many other clinics in the area. Patients visit the Obstetrics/Gynaecology Clinic on a regular basis during their pregnancy. Once patients are through with delivery,  they return to their primary gynaecologist for routine checkups.


Our maternity wing is equipped with modern and fully functioning labour ward and delivery room. Our qualified midwives see the mother through labor all the way to delivery. This is be done in a very homely environment which is warmly lit with soft soothing music at the background to calm the mother's nerves.
There is an in house gynaecologist on call at each time should the mid wife need a doctors helping hand in delivering the baby.

The Obstetrics/Gynaecology Clinic Team

The team includes a Perinatal Group, consisting of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists and a multi-disciplinary care team, which includes four residents, two nurse practitioners, a physician’s assistant, a Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN), three medical assistants, dieticians and pharmacists



"Excellence is pure habit” amongst the Royal Gardens Hospital community and that is our motivation for success.