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ONLINE SERVICES (under Construction)


This service will enable our patients to have full visual access to their respective medication on our phamarcy interphase.

They will also be able to order their medication and have them delivered to their preffered location.


With our online service, enriched with an online payment system, family and friends can now discharge their relatives from wherever they are.


You do not have to come to the hospital to book your doctor’s appointments.

Royal Gardens Hospital has a convenient online system through which our patients can book for surgery, specialist doctors consultation and admission without having to be physically present at the hospital.


For patient who are on transit or are scheduled to travel, they do not have to wait for their laboratory results before they can proceed with their travel.
They can easily access their laboratory reports using our online facility.
Patients who opt for this service shall require a password, that will be provided by the hospital for them to access this service.