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Safer Motherhood Program (SMP)

Royal Gardens Hospital in partnership with local churches, goodwill ambassadors, corporates, institutions, individuals and well-wishers is spearheading a special safer motherhood program targeting expectant mothers’ codenamed Safe Delivery Early Return to Work.

  • The program seeks to benefit deserving expectant mothers to access quality medical care that:

    • Reduces  maternal child mortality with the conviction that  UNFP carries that no mother should ever have to die in the process of giving life  and in keeping with
      MDG # 5
    • Makes child-bearing an experience  to cherish
    • Increases the rate of recovery and return to normal life  functions
    Launched early this month, the program is expected to benefit about 10,000 expectant mothers in
    the next 3 years who will be helped to access affordable high quality medical care through access
    to the hospital’s advanced medical care using latest technology in an environment that is
    committed to the patient’s safety, privacy and comfort.

The first team to come on board and embrace the program is made up of the mothers who 
personally have had the experience of pregnancy care and delivery at Royal Gardens
Recently the faith community led by the Bishop Emeritus Bonifes Adoyo, of Christ Is The Answer
(CITAM) and other leaders blessed the initiative and pledged to mobilize their constituents to
support the initiative with all that it will need to deliver on its outcomes of safer motherhood.

Through the passionate efforts of the two groups the initiative is in position to book the first 100
mothers to benefit from the program. These mothers will have to be recruited within 2 weeks
starting today and should be at least 37weeks of pregnancy.
Those at gestation age below 37 weeks will have to book to attend prenatal care at hospital.
Admission will be at 38weeks and in labour for those who have booked for caesarean section
and normal delivery respectively.

Ours doctors will screen all mothers at recruitment for eligibility.

The subsidy allows a deserving expectant mother who would have hard to pay upwards
of Kshs 150,000 for a C-section to only pay Kshs 100,000 and pay Kshs 50,000 instead of
upwards of Kshs 65,000 for a normal delivery, covering up to 3 day-stay in the ward.
The difference in amount is what the partners are giving to bridge the gap.

Our Appeal

    • We are making an appeal to deserving expectant mothers to access this facility.
      Those who know such expectant mothers should refer them to us.
    • We are working with local churches, goodwill ambassadors, Corporates, institutions,
      individuals and well-wishers to continue developing the kitty from which many other
      expectant mothers
    • We want on-going commitment to improving on quality of care and we are open
      for feedback that improves on the service in keeping with Maternal Child Care
      guidelines and policy
    • Spread the message that continues to cultivate a culture of safer motherhood for the
      expectant mothers.

For details, please visit our facility or contact us on the following:

Email: info@royalgardenshospital.com

Telelephone: +254-736-060-827
Telelephone +254-774-266-557

SMP Team

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