"Promoting Health with compassion"Establishing an elegant health facility and an integrated system that transforms into the best patient care.

The Doctors

Our team comprises a group of highly qualified and experienced doctors and nurses. Our specialist doctors have vast experience gained from other major hospitals, both locally and internationally.

Dr. Charles Wasike
Obstetrician & Gynaecologist

Dr. Wasike  is one of the leading doctors in his field of study. He has many years in experience working for the Kenya government at Kenyatta National Hospital.

Dr. Adelaide Kituyi

Dr. Kituyi is a leading Pediatrician with many years of experience at Kenyatta National Hospital and consults in other leading hospitals in Nairobi.

Dr. Magda Ayuob Attia
General Practitioner

Dr. Magda has over 30 years experience in practice. She holds a masters degree in Pathology from Ain Shams University and worked in Kenya since 1991.

The Nurses

In the world of medical service, listening is far more important than talking. Listening carefully yields both rational-tangible and emotional-intangible benefits. Listening is a way of telling you that we care about you. Listening produces empathy and a feeling of acknowledgment …Listening delights you!

We are empathetic to our clients’ needs. We care and provide individual undivided attention to our customers. We listen for emotions in our clients concerns; we put ourselves in their place and respond compassionately by offering service to address their needs and concerns.

Our staff have a wealth of expertise and experience from reputable institutions and work dedicatedly to ensure that you achieve healthcare of your dreams. Our clients are our number one priority.
We go out of our way to provide prompt services to them. Nothing is impossible to us when it comes to meeting our clients needs. We take immediate steps to address their needs.


Our Values

  • Create an interactive, comfortable and friendly environment
    in which the patient, partner, family and friends encounter a phenomenal experience of the coming of the baby.
  • We endeavor to walk with the family in their journey through pregnancy and child birth to make it as memorable as taking
    a family holiday.
  • We seek to build strategic partnerships with the public,
    private sector and community that enhance our shared
    mission of better health.
  • We set the pace for realization of best standards in health
    services provision.
  • Excellence is pure habit” amongst the Royal Gardens Hospital community and that is our motivation for success.

Having a baby?

Our family-centered maternity was developed from research that has shown
us what is best for mother and baby.

During your hospital stay, a mother-baby nurse provides personalized care
for you and your baby in a nurturing environment, keeping you together unless separation is medically necessary.

Should you want to have some quiet time, re-energize or simply rest on your
own, your baby will have excellent care in our nursery. Exams and care are provided right at the bedside, allowing families to participate and learn.

Childhood Immunization

A proper and complete vaccination program is essential for your baby’s health. Although the cost of immunization may seem high at times, when compared to cost of treating the disease, it works out cheaper or cost effective.
Compared to other needs of the child such as food, clothing, toys and even child-care, it works out to be cheaper as this is usually a one-off expense.