"Promoting Health with compassion"Establishment of elegant health facility and integrated system that our staff translates to the best patient care.

The Departments


Royal Gardens Hospital OB/GYN Clinic offers comprehensive maternity care within an outpatient setting.
This fully integrated, full-functioning OB/GYN clinic offers “total” obstetrics care to expectant mothers.
OB/GYN’s and the clinic. READ MORE


The child health department holds both the general outpatient services and the specialized clinics.
The services offered by this department include: General out-patient services and Childhood
Vaccinations,Care of the newborn, and inpatient service. READ MORE


Royal Gardens Hospital has two fully equipped operating theatres and a day care theatre.
The Emergency theater and the Elective theater.
The elective theatre is designed with a viewing facility that enables the patient’s family
to view the ongoing surgery.
Surgical unit is enriched with Breast care and Sports injuries management.
Our surgical unit consists a team of qualified and experiences staff who attend to our patients
with a personalized and caring attitude.  


This department is dedicated to management of all chronic ailments including hypertension,
diabetes, heart disease, asthma etc. It is supported by specialists in most medical disciplines.
With our great nursing team patients are assured of outstanding nursing care.


We appreciate the fact that people’s life styles have changed and due to unhealthy living,
most people succumb to illness that could have been avoided. 
Because we care about our patients, we have gone the extra mile to have qualified in house
Nutritionists who will identify what elements maybe contributing to ones symptoms and ill health.
Amongst the various services our clients will receive is education on;

  • - Weight management (weight loss and weight gain)
  • - Cancer Nutrition
  • - HIV nutrition
  • - Pregnancy and Lactation.
  • - Infant feeding education(exclusive breastfeeding)
  • - Infant feeding option for mothers living with HIV
  • - Complementary feeding from 6 months to 2 years.
  • - Eating disorders


The laboratory has capacity with full range equipment for clinical diagnosis and even for research
purposes. The lab does carry out all standard and specialized tests for assessment of those with
infertility (Hormones seminalysis). Heart disease (cardiac enzymes), Kidney, liver.,
Screening for cancer of the breast, cervix & prostate, muscle tissue abnormalities and many others.

  1. Radiological services

Ultrasound Service
with a High End Equipment and most competent Ultrasonologists you are assured of
quality examinations.   

X-Ray, Mammography


Being part of the medical service division, our pharmacy provides pharmaceutical care to our patients through implementing formulas and safe effective drug treatment. We not only cater for our clients but also the hospital personnel. Located on ground floor at the outpatient block, the pharmacy is easily accessed by both the in patient and out patient units.
Our patients not only receive first class pharmaceutical care and quality medicine, they receive this
at an affordable cost. We have qualified pharmacists who together with the team of doctors go out of
their way to ensure that our clients are more than satisfied with the services and products they receive.
They take their time to patiently explain to the patient about the medicines being dispensed to them.
To make these experience even better, our clients can purchase and make the payments for their
prescriptions online.




We set the pace for realization of best standards in health services provision.