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The Departments


General out-patient services
Child-welfare & Immunization

A 14-bed unit
New Born Unit

Neonatal & Paediatric Nurses


The Pediatric department is headed by Dr Adelaide Kituyi. She is one of the founding directors of
Royal Gardens Hospital. Dr Kituyi is a leading Pediatrician with many years at Kenyatta National
Hospital and consults in other leading hospitals in Nairobi. She is a member of the Kenya
Pediatric Association.

The Outpatient paedtriatic services include: Consultation for the sick child, Labaratory services
where necessary and prescription.


A proper and complete vaccination program is essential for your baby’s health. Although the cost of immunization may seem high at times, when compared to cost of treating the disease, it works out
cheaper or cost effective.
Some immunizations are given soon after birth e.g. TB, polio and hepatitis B, while others are given
from six weeks of age. Although certain diseases need only one vaccination to give protection,
others require a course of three injections spread over time. In this case, it is important to complete
the course of immunization to ensure full protection of your child. 

We provide immunization as per the Ministry of Health schedule as well as offer other vaccines not
in the ministry schedule but recomended by the Kenya Paediatric Association. These include Rota
Virus Vaccine that protects against severe diarrhoea and vomiting in infants, Hepatitis A Vaccine,
Chicken Pox, Pneumococal Vaccine, MMR, Typhoid, Menengitis and Flu Vaccine.


This comprises mainly of the care of the newborn. A Paediatrican is present for all deliveries to ensure
a good outcome for the baby. The newborn is reviewed daily by the peadritician until he or she is
discharged from the hospital. A follow up visit is scheduled at age of two weeks or earlier if need arises.

We also have a 14 bed ward for children that will require overnight obseervation and care for their illnesses.


We endeavor to walk with you in your journey through pregnancy and child birth to make it a memorable experience